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Established in 1999,
Vulgar Press is dedicated
to the publication of working-class and other radical forms of writing

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Vulgar books in print

John Weldon, Spincycle

Michael Hyde, All Along the Watchtower

Enza Gandolfo and Marty Grace, Love and Care: The Glory Box Tradition of Coptic Women in Australia

Adrian Deans, Mr Cleansheets

Euan Mitchell, Feral Tracks

Tom O'Lincoln, Into the Mainstream

Social Work Education: Voices from the Asia Pacific Edited by Carolyn Noble, Mark Henrickson and In Young Han

Sandy Jeffs, Flying With Paper Wings

Mischa Merz, Bruising

Enza Gandolfo and Marty Grace, It keeps me sane: Women, craft, wellbeing

Graham Perrett, The Twelfth Fish

Sue Dodd and Enza Gandolfo Inventory: on op shops (out of print)

Glenn D'Cruz, Class Act: Melbourne Workers' Theatre 1987-2007

Mark Phillips, Radio City: 30 Years of RRR

Sean Scalmer, A Little History of Australian Unionism

Adam Muyt, Maroon and Blue: Recollections and Tales of the Fitzroy Football Club

Prue Ahrens, ed., Tour of Duty (out of print)

AL McCann, Subtopia

Greg Bogaerts, Black Diamonds and Dust

Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne 2: The enemy within

Raymond Evans and Carole Ferrier, Radical Brisbane: An Unruly History

Liz Ross, Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

David Hayward and Peter Ewer, Visions for Victoria

Janet Kelly, The Colour of Walls

Neil Boyack, Transactions

Michael Hyde, Hey Joe

Paul Adams and Christopher Lee, Frank Hardy and the Literature of Commitment

Amanda Lohrey , The Morality of Gentlemen

Jean Devanny, Sugar Heaven

Jeff and Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne

Merv Lilley, The Channels

Michael Hyde, Tyger Tyger

Michael Hyde, Max

Yossi Berger, A Kind of Violence

Dorothy Hewett, Bobbin Up

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